Monthly gift box

Shipping costs are included!

With the monthly subscription, receive a gift box worth approximately $70.99 every month! Nothing better to please and take care of your bunny, with new toys, treats and accessories every month!

From: 50.99$ / month for 12 months


Monthly gift box!

  • Delivered directly to your home every month (for the duration of your subscription);

Information to know about operation:

  • The first box you will receive is the one available at the time of your subscription. For example, you register on September 15, you will receive the first box for the month of September. Then you will receive one every (consecutive) month for the duration of your subscription;
  • You will receive the boxes at intervals of approximately 4 weeks;
  • Payment will be taken automatically every month;
  • You can see in the photos a preview of the monthly boxes. These are boxes from previous months;
  • All colors you see on the items have been colored with food coloring;
  • Safe for your small pet if eaten or chewed.

**If you decide to end your subscription before the ends, you will have to pay the difference between the regular price of the box and the special price you had**