We invite all customers of Little Rabbits of Love to leave testimonials on the adoption of their little rabbit. We also invite you to send us a photo of your baby rabbit at the following address : info@lespetitslapinsdamour.com

I highly recommend Little Bunnies of Love. Our little Pixel is adorable! We have it for 5 days and she has adapted very quickly to our family of 4. She is very curious and walks everywhere. She likes to get caught and be fondled. After 2 days she was totally clean! We are really impressed on all points. We see that these little rabbits have already received a lot of love! Plus, the cost is affordable with all inclusive packages. A big thank you to you!
Wow I have beautiful words to say. From one, my little dwarf Dutch casserole is just perfect. Two, what incredible service! Mile and a question I have the right to mile and an answer. In addition, today I received an order of feed with inside a little surprise for my coco wow. Even if I live in Gatineau I make you the promise I will be a faithful customer for years to come! Thank you for making our life easier with our minis. From the bottom of the heart Thank you
We are filled with love with Alvin (Dutch Nain). He is very curious, he loves to explore every little corner of the house and has already found some hiding places where he likes to go. He loves to play but also likes to stick, while asking for better? We have two dogs at home and that went very well. Alvin was not afraid of them and from the first day he was going towards them! I find it amazing the work she did to socialize and put it clean! He is already so smart. Myrianne knows a lot about rabbits and it's reassuring to know her always available and listening! If you want to adopt a little love and want the best for him, I strongly advise you to choose "Little rabbits of love"! She is very professional and will be able to advise you for the choice of the rabbit and all you need to know! ** Go see her online store, it's really interesting, everything is affordable and you'll want to splurge to spoil your little bunny !!! ** Thanks again 🙂
Only beautiful words! Saddened by the death of a rabbit bought in a pet store, I wrote to two breeders, the Little Rabbits of Love and the other in the Montreal area for yes, to have some comfort (because I guilty of his death) and explanations of the disease that ravaged him. Myrianne was at first very empathetic and provided me with a lot of information, while the one in the Montreal area did not tell me much. Resident of Terrebonne, I did not hesitate to make the Terrebonne-Montmagny road, instead of just forty minutes by car. In short, by adopting my little Dutch Aries who will be 4 months soon, I made the choice to encourage a passionate breeder, knowing, ethical and friendly who really takes to heart the well-being of his animals. And as after-sales service, she is great: always there to answer our questions and to help us cohabit as best as possible with our little coco. Thank you Myrianne!
Thank you very much to Myrianne for the excellent service !! I already have a rabbit and the idea of acquiring a second trot in my head for a few moments, and Myrianne was able to answer all my questions in a very short time! I traveled more than 3 hours to get my little Charlotte, and I must say that I am very satisfied and that the road was absolutely worth it! She is extremely sociable and cheerful, and despite being in a new environment and stressful for her, she quickly became disengaged and comes easily to me! Thanks again !
We adopted two mini-rex; Rocket and Charlie who live in total freedom with us and who are ADORABLE. In addition, with the shop, everything is accessible and simple. When we have questions or concerns, Myrianne is super friendly and efficient with his good advice. A big thank you for everything!
I think it's really worth getting around to get our bunny! In addition to the excellent service that gives, Myrianne is always willing to give us advice and guide us ... and also she has a very beautiful shop with a lot of product vary for our rabbit .. for two days we have our little wafer, she is very sociable and is already starting to be clean! Thank you Myrianne for sharing your passion.