The story

1995 – 2009: Adolescence of Myrianne

From an early age, Myrianne has always had two rabbits living outside permanently. His family had adopted them from a man who had a farm of several animals (ducks, chickens, goats, etc.). It was the first time that these rabbits really had a relationship with people, were touched and flattered. Myrianne and her sister played a lot with them, sociabilized them a lot. As rabbits lived outside, they had to return to the man in the winter.

Each time, Myrianne was torn, she saw her efforts destroyed. His parents were categorical: no rabbits in the house! Every spring, when the outside temperature warmed up, Myrianne’s family returned to fetch the same rabbits. What happiness! It was then that the sociability of Myrianne and her sister started again since the rabbits had not really had contact with winter. It was at this moment that Myrianne discovered a passion for animal behavior; to observe and understand them.

2009: First house

It was in the month of July of this year that Myrianne moved into her first house and, by the same token, adopted her first rabbit. This rabbit was a mini-rex male that was named “Rex”. Rex lived in the house with her and was clean in bedding.

2009: A second and third rabbits: Nuage and Max

The second rabbits to come in Myrianne’s family was a small female Dutch dwarf breed crossed. The third rabbit to enter was Max; a mini-rex male rabbit crossed with Dutch dwarf.

2010: Beginning of the family breeding

It was at this moment that Myrianne became very interested in rabbit breeds and beauty contests. She acquired her first purebred mini-rex bunny couple with papers in Ontario, and then the Dutch dwarves made their way into the house. Finally, the Dutch rams arrived in the family at the end of the year.

2012: The shop

At this time, Myrianne has several rabbits and she is looking for good items for rabbits. Unfortunately, all the good items she wants come from far away and have astronomical prices. There are pet shops, but they do not hold many products for rabbits. That’s how Myrianne came up with the idea of creating the “Little Rabbits of Love” shop that will become the first of its kind in Canada!

2013: The online store

The online store was created and deliveries began.