Sociability of our rabbits

As you have probably already noticed, the socialization of our baby rabbits is a very important aspect for us.

So we work a lot in that direction. With the years, we have come to create a “program” of socialization. All our baby rabbits follow him. Do not worry, it’s not the army!

On the contrary, they are carefully selected activities that work on specific points in rabbits, for example, confidence in the human being, confidence in one’s environment, and so on. This “program” is integrated into the daily routine, activities and others. Always in the optics of learning while having fun!

When we participate in animal shows and exhibitions outside the house, people often ask us our “thing” so that our rabbits are so sociable and so calm with people they do not know . Our thing? The “program” of socialization.

In order to better explain everything, we had the idea to write you the outline of our “program”.

Everything starts around the first 2-3 days.

In the first days, socialization is done in a non-intrusive way, because we do not want to disturb the mother.

We check the condition of baby rabbits; we make sure they have drunk well (that their tummies are round).

In short, that everything is fine.

One week

We continue non-intrusive socialization, but at greater frequency. We look at them, we touch them all. We flatter them. That’s when they get used to our hands, we start to desensitize them.

Around 2 weeks

The eyes are now open. Let the fun begin! They begin to come to us when we approach the nest. We can already see some traits of their personalities. They start to smell the toys. They are interested in their environment. It is at this moment that Myrianne begin to take them several times a day. Flatter them, touch their paws (which will serve us for the claw cut later!).

3 weeks

They are more awake. They recognize the “humans” who take care of them. The games are more concrete. That’s when we start using our paddock for play periods. Rabbits have their own tastes, so Myianne puts a lot of toys in the pen. Myrianne always takes us several times a day.

4 weeks

They love to walk around and explore. It’s part of their learning. At 4 weeks, rabbits love to walk around the house and explore. It’s part of their learning. It is at this time, that we will make their first drive, so they will be calmer when they leave for their new home. It is also at this moment that Myrianne introduces ” strangers ” (more distant family) to baby rabbits in order to work during stress in front of unknown persons. It is at this age that we will see people to ask for caresses. Myrianne continues to take them often.

5 weeks

Babies really have fun. They play a lot and still take several naps a day. Myrianne likes to stimulate us with interactive toys. Obviously, cuddles are very present.

6 weeks

Babies are enjoying their last moments with their mom and adoptive mom (Myrianne), as it will soon be the start for their new life.