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No. The rabbit is not a rodent. It is rather part of the family of lagomorphs such as hares, and pikas. Rabbits are distinguished from rodents mainly by their dentition (presence of two pairs of incisors) as well as by the absence of baculum (pelvic bone).

The rabbit eats hay at 70% and the rabbit feed at 30%.

The hay consumed must be from “Mil” or “Timothy”. Several companies make very good ones. We must avoid hay “Alfafa”. It gives bloating to the rabbit.

The feed given to the rabbit must be for the rabbit only. Once again, several companies make very good feeds.

Fruits and vegetables, must be given in treats from time to time. Here is a list of fruits and vegetables to give to your rabbit.

The rabbit does not require special care. The daily care is to fill the hay rack, change the water in the bottle, give the feed and change the litter. This “routine” takes about 5 minutes.

Yes. The claw cut of your rabbit should be done at 1-2 months, according to the rabbit. Here’s a video explaining how.

No, there is no need to file the teeth of a healthy rabbit.

Rabbits wear their teeth while eating hay. A rabbit who eats enough hay will use his teeth properly.

No. A rabbit should not be immersed in water. His skin is fragile and is not made to be wet. In addition, it is very conducive to skin mushrooms if wet. That’s why we do not wash a rabbit. If you went outside and your bunny is dirty underfoot, for example, you take a wet washcloth and rub in the dirty place.

No. The rabbit does not have odorant glands like the ferret, for example. It does not give off any body odor. Odors often come from litter. It all depends on your level of cleanliness. If your rabbit’s bedding is done every 2 days, you will not have any odor problem.

A dwarf rabbit lives a good ten years (10-12 years).

We have even seen a 15-year-old dwarf rabbit.

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