SOS Odeurs – Uri Clean



Uri-clean is a neutralizer of urine odors.

It is alcohol-based which eliminates the odors of animal urine, excrement and vomit.

Unlike a deodorant that masks odors, Uri-Clean neutralizes them as soon as it touches the source of the bad smell.

Made in Quebec, this product can be used on all surfaces that have absorbed urine, feces and vomit (carpets, mattresses, concrete, sofa, between the slats of a wooden floor, on the grout of ceramics, etc.).

The fact that Uri-Clean is alcohol-based confers many benefits. In fact, it does not swell the wood, it does not create an environment conducive to mold, it dries very quickly and it does not stain the fabrics.

Ingredients : Denatured alcohol and odor neutralizer

Benefits :

  • Uri-Clean instantly eliminates bad odors. No need to do several treatments.
  • Uri-Clean neutralizes stubborn urine odors encrusted for months or years.
  • Uri-Clean is easy to use.
  • As soon as it is applied, Uri-Clean emits a citrus odor unlike deodorants that create unpleasant odors.