SOS Odeurs – Elimin-O-deurs litter

Nice smell of apple & lavender!


The Elimin-O-deurs litter box is a odor cleaner and neutralizer for litter boxes.

It is a ready-to-use cleaner and odor neutralizer for the litter box. It contains a unique odor neutralizer that neutralizes the odors of urine and feces encrusted in the plastic of the litter box. This product is safe for animals, it does not damage the plastic of the litter box and it is made in Quebec.

Ingredients : Purified water, bio-surfactant, quaternary ammonium and odor neutralizer


  • Elimin-O-deurs Litter box neutralizes stubborn odors, even encrusted ones for months.
  • As soon as it is applied, Elimin-O-deurs Litter Box neutralizes bad odors, it does not mask them as a deodorant would do.
  • Elimin-O-deurs is easy to use (treatment in less than 15 minutes).
  • Elimin-O-deurs is safe for your pets.

Usage tips :

Odors of urine or feces in the litter box: It is important to understand that the plastic of the litter box is a surface that absorbs odors. It is therefore necessary to treat the tank to eliminate the smell of urine or excrement. First empty the litter box of its contents and spray Elimin-O-deurs all over the litter box including the lid. Leave on for 10 minutes, during the first use, and rinse the product with clean water. Subsequently, put litter clean inside the bin.

Additional description :

Elimin-O-deurs Litter Box has been specifically designed to neutralize urine and excrement odors in a litter box. It does not mask the smells, it neutralizes them at the source. Litter Box can also be used to eliminate the smell of urine or excrement in transport cages or in the litter bin.