SOS Odeurs – D 500



The D-500 is a cleaner and neutralizer of animal odors.

It is a concentrated cleanser and odor neutralizer (including skunks) inside and outside the house. This product also eliminates urine odors outside the home (lawn, shrub, crushed, asphalt, balcony, etc.).

Made in Quebec, D-500 can be used to clean different surfaces: wood floor, wall, ceiling, ceramic, cabinet, concrete, etc.

Ingredients : Purified water, bio-surfactant, quaternary ammonium and odor neutralizer


  • D-500 is safe for the environment and its inhabitants.
  • As soon as it is applied, D-500 neutralizes bad smells at the source, it does not mask them as a deodorant would do.
  • D-500 leaves a pleasant smell of mint in the air several hours after use.
  • Neutral pH.

Using advice

For regular maintenance : Clean your floors with D-500 according to the dilution of 120 ml in 4 liters of water, you will also eliminate the smell of animals in general in the ambient air. For the smell of skunk, you can also clean the walls, ceilings and cabinets with the same dilution. D-500 does not damage the luster of the floors and the paint on the walls.

Smell of animals (including skunks) in the house: To neutralize the smell of animals and skunk in the ambient air, dilute 60 ml of D-500 in 1 liter of water and spray on the filters of the system ventilation system or the air exchanger and switch on the appliances. If you do not have a ventilation system, spray the same dilution of D-500 on a cloth that you hook onto a fan. Start the device and let the product work for one hour in each room.

For more details on how to proceed, watch the following video:

Odor of animal urine and skunk outside the house: Dilute 120 ml of D-500 in 4 liters of water and spray this dilution with a spray of plants directly where the source of the smell of urine or skunk. Let the product work.

For more details on how to proceed, watch the following video:

Additional description
D-500 is a popular product in pet stores, veterinary clinics, boarding houses, breeders, groomers and animal shelters as it effectively removes animal odors while leaving a pleasant smell of mint in the air for several hours. D-500 can also be used in the washing machine (in addition to detergent) to neutralize animal odors on bedding or clothes.