Maze haven (Labyrinth Refuge)

What fun!

Dimensions : Assembling 1 floor – 87.63 x 87.63 x 25.4 cm.

The holes are 16.51 x 13.97 cm.


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All the rabbits of the world will be happy with this very resistant labyrinth.
It encourages physical activity, exploration and play.

You can build one floor or two, from the same set!
Modify the new labyrinth in minutes!
Create and re-create labyrinths of vertical and horizontal holes, hides and hiding places, and keep your little animals busy.

Change the interior by exchanging the panels, or the exterior according to several possible configurations!
Strong and durable: made of cardboard of the highest quality, they retain their shape even after having undergone the natural remodeling of your small and dense decorators. Foldable for easy transportation and storage.